What is Socks For The Streets?

Socks For the Streets (SFTS) meets the basic needs of individuals facing homelessness and addiction, throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. SFTS builds trusting relationships and connects vulnerable communities with additional services to enhance well-being.   


SFTS was founded in 2019 by 10-year-old Declan Cassidy, who grew up
watching his sister battle Substance Use Disorder (SUD).  Declan watched the disease impact his own family, especially his mother, who did everything in her power to try and save her daughter’s life.  Declan also wanted to help- and so SFTS was born. 

Declan realized that the biggest need on the streets was food and warm socks and set out to relieve the suffering of his sister and others facing similar challenges.  Declan collected over 1,000 socks with his first drive, and each year the sock collection grew.  In 2021, SFTS collected over 20,000 pairs of socks.  Declan’s family and friends worked together and volunteered their time to create a 501c(3) in order to better handle large and small-size donations and expand their reach.

In 2022 united with the same struggles, a group of women came together to back Declan with his mission and a board was born. Everyone of these strong women have been touched by the opioid crisis in one way or another; their fight is also Declan’s fight. The women of SFTS have lived experiences of family members struggling or children who have lost the fight to this terrible disease. SFTS has become more than just a sock drive, we are servicing many communities including Veterans of all services, Hospitals Incoming and outgoing patients, Rehab Communities and many more. We also work in partnership with police districts to better our communities.



Help Support Declan’s Mission

“Go in peace, be warmed and filled”