SFTS provides services, including meals and essential human basic needs to vulnerable community members, some of these members may be veterans, individuals with home instabilities, and those suffering from mental illness and Substance Abuse Disorder.

SFTS performs street outreach, providing:  clothing; snacks, hygiene and wound care bags; information and resource referrals to shelters, detox programs, medical treatment centers, rehab centers, and recovery houses; and advocates for those in need. Advocates provide resourses, schedule and attend appointments with clients, provide ride services for appointments, utilize emergency funds and donations as needed.

SFTS collects large and small-scale donations of clothing, hygiene products, food, etc., and redistributes to organizations in need, including Veteran’s Multiservice Center, Saint Margaret of Costello Maternity Home, Temple Episcopal Campus, Temple Jeanes Hospital, Jo’s Village, Bucks County Emergency Center, Prevention Point, St. Mark’s Church, and more. 

On a monthly basis we reach hundreds of individuals through street outreach, handing out over 400 snack bags, 100’s wound care kits, hygiene bags, clothing and we provide hot meals for over 250 individuals.


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“Go in peace, be warmed and filled”